A significant number of us live ‘a deferred’ life. We defer our desires, objectives, goals, decisions, actions and embrace habitual and in certain cases intractable procrastination which over time becomes our character born out of conditioning. We put a cap on our potential aided by our fragile belief systems, clever rationalisation, misperceived timelines and navigate our entire life believing what is possible for us and what isn’t without even a few valiant attempts. Fear of losing whatever we have at present precedes the very thought of probable pleasure and glory that could result from a progressive leap. Headstride works with large organizations, start up entrepreneurs and individuals to map the mind, challenge these pervading belief systems, recalibrate interpretations and construed inferences, clarify internal dissonance, reshape perceptions, and eliminate procrastination thereby laying a pathway to action. This is achieved through our APPERCEPTION  FRAMEWORK  and the we further explore its applicability in the fields of LEADERSHIP, SELLING, COACHING & PSYCHOTHERAPY which  dredge into the mind and generate awareness.



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Traversing through life with variant experiences be it professional, social, arts, sports, family or any other creates a spike in motivation levels. In spite of emphatically knowing this, we sedate ourselves into mediocrity and negotiate our happiness through a very narrow conduit such as job, functional role, hierarchy, wealth etc. By further categorising this behaviour under the rubric of security , stability, comfort zone, lack of formidable skills/resources, societal pressure   and other disinclinations we stifle our innate instinct of adventure. Over time this strengthens our internal filtering systems and any exciting possibilities are inattentively discarded. At Headstride, we reconnect our clients back with their original splendour, rekindle their sense of conquest, resolutely scour the brewing resignations in their minds and guide them towards reformulating their own thoughts by making them escape the mesh of traditional paradigms and raft of rituals & habits.   We sincerely welcome you aboard this inflexibly stringent voyage that journey’s towards attainment of a behaviour that has a strong sensory association with action and accomplishment.






Leadership, Sales, Branding, Advertising, Movies,  Drama are a few amongst many others that directly works on the mind.  Headstride delves into Leadership & Sales as its principal field of pursuit and uses the others from which supplementing analogies are extracted. In addition to Coaching programs, Headstride services portfolio encompass:


Headstride’s core Apperceptive frame is derived from abstractions from psychotherapy, philosophy and psychology, to tap the human mind. We conduct the following 4 one day programs: 

  1. THE ANXIOUS BEING (Anxiety) 
  2. RECLAIMING STATE (Depression) 
  3. LOST FAMILIAR  (Trauma) 
  4. STAND OUT OF SELF  (Understanding self)

In addition, we have one to one Psychotherapy/Counselling services as follows:


Whether it a well established firm or a fledgling start-up, unflagging competition has altered their terrain permanently. Sporadic bursts in profitability will occur with path breaking products & services but gone are the days of a stable cash cow phase that used to provide the reprieve even to a constantly innovating firm. Kneaded into this reality is the fact that efficient, competent, effective and other forms of leadership styles are mere core necessities. Challenges such as Human Capital, Sustainable Innovation, Operational Excellence, Customer Retention, Leading Change, Entrepreneurial culture, Global Brand, Social Media other aspects shriek and strive for a kind of leadership depth and perspicacity that is distinct, technological, high-powered and dynamically changing. Leadership development is the key to reactivate diaphragmatic breathing and Leadership Coaching these days is of documented interest to organizations. Headstride Leadership Development programs ‘THE LEADING FRAME’, ‘ & ‘HEADING WINDWARD’ , ‘REDISCOVERING AGREEMENT’ as well as our Leadership Coaching services, aim to engender a structural change in viewing Leadership.


  1. THE  LEADING FRAME  (A 2-day Workshop)
  2. HEADING WINDWARD (A 2-day Workshop)
  3. REDISCOVERING AGREEMENT (A 1-day Workshop) 


HS sales

In today’s  remodelling non-persuasive sales terrain which is moving away from transaction based to relationship based, in order to keep the graph growing, it is imperative to understand what unlocks the mind of the buyer, recognize where precisely the sale resides, create instances of continual buying by the same customer (up-selling, cross-selling) and build an indelible relationship with the client’s firm. Headstride presents 3 sales programs 

  1. ENTER THE BUYER’S MIND  (A 2-day Workshop)
  2. REWIRE THE RAINMAKER  ( A 2-day Workshop)
  3. SINGLE STITCH PITCH ( A 1-day Workshop)

that addresses the psychological aspects of selling.

We also provide one on one SALES COACHING services as a veritable differentiator.


The programs are designed using a mixture of Psychotherapy & Psychology theories, suppositions and hypothesis as well as modern management percepts. At times it challenges conventional beliefs,   expresses strictures over established rituals and critiques thoughts all done with the objective to veer towards chiselling off the behavioural thinking traps, heighten awareness and instil hope & belief in one’s pursuits.


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