Rivalry amongst sellers in a constricted market space is customary and companies incessantly battle it out, because the arena is extremely lucrative. The toughest competition is witnessed in the highest demand markets and a couple of percentage shifts in market share changes the dynamics drastically. History is replete with rivalry; Ferrari vs. Lamborghini, a 47-year-old sustained feud, Coke vs. Pepsi, the mother of all ‘dog eat dog’ unmerciful rivalries, Reebok vs. Nike,… Read More

Hunting in common parlance means to chase, to pursue, to search, to seek for, obtain and to scour. Mainly it was for subsistence (as in food) or for a profit (tusks, animal hide, skin etc.) or a sport (was construed as a royal sport in certain cultures). Hunting for food was the way mankind survived once. Today it isn’t so. In the civilized world, one doesn’t have to hunt for food but… Read More

An inquiring mind is a pre-requisite for learning. Curiosity, inquisitiveness and investigation, are attributes needed to make deeper forays into any subject matter be it academic, professional, sports or any other social field. Snooping and prying are also applications of curiosity but it takes extra energy to keep oneself clandestine in the process besides it is a disreputable practice unless one is in the spying business or a detective. Organizations do have… Read More

From virtually permanent jobs a few decades back to the culture of frequent job hops these days encases the change in the playing arena. Predominant driver for this job transition is disruptive innovation. No product or service enjoy hegemony beyond a few years (petering out to perhaps months) as someone always comes along and disrupts the cash cow of the firm. It may not have happened in all industry segments yet and… Read More

Amidst myriad essentials, Vision constitute a vital aspect in organizational accomplishment. It is a conduit to explicitly communicate the organizations ambitions. Of course leaders do recognize its monumental importance and its formation is never dealt in a cavalier fashion. Apart from forming and communicating the vision to the organization, the leader hangs on to its implementation with tenacity. Of considerable import is the need for the CEO to have an inner syndicate… Read More

Innovation, just a decade back had its accustomed incremental pace but something decidedly adrenalized its momentum to such an extent that leaps in the last decade has been astonishing. iPhone, iPad, Google glass, YouTube, camera phones, Google self driving car, commercial GPS, DNA testing & sequencing and many others exist and even though they aren’t inventions, they are brilliant innovations or improvisations over cars, phones, cameras, glass, navigation systems, erstwhile medical themes… Read More

Maracanazo and Mineirazo are the terms Brazilians will never forget. On 8th July 2014, at Estadio Mineirao in Belo Horizonte, Brazil experienced Mineirazo, a national shame after losing to Germany 7-1 in the Semifinals of World Cup 2014.   Carnage that bore equivalence to Maracanazo in 1950 World Cup when Brazil lost the round robin league to Uruguay 2-1 at the Estadio do Maracana in Rio in a decisive match. Brazil just needed… Read More

Ever played a game of chess. Chess monomaniacs can be at it for 3 hours at a stretch, such is the level of its intrigue. It has been estimated that there are over 16 billion different possible endings in a 30 move game. It’s structure, positioning strategy, allocation of logic in coin movement, opening repertoire, reliance upon castling for king’s safety, mid-game progression, end game close-in’s all transcend computational theories.Chess has offered… Read More

Why most people don’t take risks or are just happy with incremental risks in their life? What does it take for them to sever the umbilical cord of feed coming to them in terms of money, salary, societal comfort, same friends, same habits, same tasks, same challenges with marginal variance and instead why don’t they intentionally explore uncertainty with the hope that better financial models, more exciting career, new meaningful friends, enriched… Read More

People who spend most parenting time with the children are by definition their primary carers and it is assumed that for most it is their parents. Even between the parents it is fair to say that the mother plays a more significant role as the primary carer and bestows considerable attention to the infant. Others in the caring constellation could be the father, grandparents or even a relative. What is the impact… Read More

Why is digital pull a leadership concern? Let us hark back to the formative aspect of learning; Teachers, professors, guides, and supervisors do play a significant role but are no more the sole imparters of knowledge. The world-wide web in all its resplendent forms be it online games, poems, songs, you tube clippings on to resources for senior students such as eBooks, PDF’s, white papers, virtual classrooms, videoconferencing, social networking sites, seminars,… Read More

Remote working or working from home is not new but it triggered the wrath of people when Marissa Mayer CEO Yahoo sent an internal memo stating that “Yahoo employees who work remotely relocate to company facilities starting June 2013” with the diktat “Employees who work from home must comply without exception or quit.” The incensed Yahoo employees as well as the cult followers of ‘working from home’ religion, without any linger, took… Read More


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