Selling is an occurrence in which the seller engages in a purposeful conversation with the buyer to influence upon the buyer the appropriateness & advantages of seller’s products/ services to eventuate a transaction which is beneficial to both. To attain this transaction success on a sustaining basis that ensures business repeatability, the seller engages in a relationship with the buyer using a sequence of skills, attributes, techniques and information.


The selling arena has altered. The pitch as we know it is losing its luster and undergoing reconstruction. Insightful selling is the new transformative dogma. Relationship building, knowledge transfer, bottom-line accountability approaches, value permeation, brand advocacy, tending customer loyalty, coaching infusion, bona fide differentiators, JV with clients and other propositions have emerged and taken precedence over conventional in your face selling or ‘need extricating questions’ oriented approaches. Cold calling strategy is getting outmoded and social network snuggle has begun and accelerating beyond belief.

In this remodelling sales terrain which is moving away from transaction to relationship based, non-persuasive selling and to keep the graph growing, it is imperative to understand what unlocks the mind of the buyer, recognize where precisely the sale resides, create instances of continual buying by the same customer (up-selling, cross-selling) and build an indelible relationship with the client’s firm. Headstride presents 3 sales programs :


that addresses the cognitive side of buying and selling that present itself as  veritable differentiators  firms must have in their selling armoury.


HS sales coach

Organizations spend inordinate time in ‘sales administration’ with tasks such as prospecting, qualification, researching the probable customer, RFP inquisition & hunt, proposal build up, presentation micromanagement and associated rife. These undoubtedly are important in clinching a deal however the engagement frame with the client, the hour spent face to face, the cognitive transactions between the buyer and the seller are precisely areas where the sale lies of course provided the seller’s firm is preceded with an estimable brand. Sales persons encounter morass of distress and snag at this stage of the selling process particularly in the need establishment phase, the customising solutions phase, the pitching phase and the answering objections and closing phase. Headstride sales training programs Enter the Buyer’s Mind, Rewire the Dealmakerand  ‘Single Stitch Pitch extrapolate and address these client engagement dynamics and builds the consultative selling scaffold.



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