Leadership is about pursuing a worthwhile cause and achieving tangible results that has meaning, significance and purpose. To accomplish this it galvanizes teams to incredible levels of desire, motivation, encouragement & ownership to maximise their potential. We at Headstride believe that in the attainment of this meaningful goal, great leadership seeks to create a new compelling vision, challenge and change systems, establish processes and teams, adopt a distinct knack to connect with the followers, develop and improvise prudent strategies, ardently drive product/service innovation, build a risk-taking & entrepreneurial culture, leverage team strengths & empower them amongst other requisites.


Preferred style of leadership is path dependant and a great leader is able to firmly position the organization’s co-ordinates in the environment in which it does the business. To do this successfully, on a sustaining basis, with impeccable governance, enriching the share-holders, contributing to the community, becoming unique in its field of pursuit and at the same time the firm being respected by the masses is quintessential leadership. To get to this level, a great leader has to assiduously journey into his own mind. Awareness is predominant and cognition is an overbearing requisite. Headstride presents three leadership programs ‘THE LEADING FRAME ’, ‘HEADING WINDWARD’  and ‘REDISCOVERING AGREEMENT‘ in which these leadership considerations and hypothesis are enshrined as well as ‘LEADERSHIP COACHING  as an engagement service that attempts to delineate internal impedance and surge towards decisions and action. Being the leadership development & coaching firm that we are, we seek your patronage in its exploration.


Leadership in organizations mostly take on a format indigenously created, practiced and improvised either by the firm, or devised by each new leader at the helm or based on recommendations from strategic consultants. Leaders have a predisposition to a certain style, traits and attributes and over time this style becomes ubiquitous regardless of its efficacy. As the competitive terrain swiftly changes and challenges accelerate and surmount, leaders need to step out of their arena, self-evaluate themselves, introspect and retool themselves.

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Of the assorted training & development tools/ concepts as well as extraneous intervention available today, coaching is by far the most strapping, dominant and effective communication strategy accosted by leaders. Its power to create a fundamental shift in oneself, make the leader find his unfettered expression, and mutate oneself is immense. Coaching impels the mind to seek for options & solutions, bring pending decisions stored at the mind’s ambit into the mind’s core and   adopt a reflective style amongst many other benefits.


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