Rivalry amongst sellers in a constricted market space is customary and companies incessantly battle it out, because the arena is extremely lucrative. The toughest competition is witnessed in the highest demand markets and a couple of percentage shifts in market share changes the dynamics drastically. History is replete with rivalry; Ferrari vs. Lamborghini, a 47-year-old sustained feud, Coke vs. Pepsi, the mother of all ‘dog eat dog’ unmerciful rivalries, Reebok vs. Nike,… Read More

Most driving lessons teach the usage of the hand brake. Whenever the car stops for more than 5 seconds, the hand brakes have to be applied. For a ‘hill start from still’ position, or maneuvering on a camber, this is a mandatory technique to prevent a roll back or slide but even on a flat road, beyond 5 seconds stoppage time, it invokes our unconscious habit of applying the brakes, such has… Read More

Zig Ziglar had stated that ‘Every sale has five basic obstacles: no need, no money, no hurry, no desire, no trust.’ Sure all these could be true from a customer’s perspective and if indeed these five conditions persist then it is prudent to leave the prospect alone. In fact in standard prospecting parlance, such a position wouldn’t make the firm qualify as a ‘prospect’ anymore to the selling organization. Sales people move… Read More

Marlon Brando in 1973 refused the movie fraternity’s heftiest honor ‘Academy award for Best Actor’ for the movie Godfather where he played the patriarch Vito Corleone. The reason for refusal to accept; Native Americans had no representation in film industry and were used as extras and he wanted this to change. An external honor i.e. fame and recognition of such magnitude was rejected to cater to an internal drive of seeking justice…. Read More

Hunting in common parlance means to chase, to pursue, to search, to seek for, obtain and to scour. Mainly it was for subsistence (as in food) or for a profit (tusks, animal hide, skin etc.) or a sport (was construed as a royal sport in certain cultures). Hunting for food was the way mankind survived once. Today it isn’t so. In the civilized world, one doesn’t have to hunt for food but… Read More

Sales people are elated when they receive the RFP (request for proposal) from the prospect’s firm; after all it has been secured after rotating on the head of the pin for 3 to 4 months. Large deals in the market place are not put up without concomitant due diligence by the buyer hence even to get qualified and receive an RFP is perceived as a milestone. The prevailing rationale is; at least… Read More

An inquest to define happiness elicits the following words from different people; well-being, satisfaction, cheerfulness, high spirits, merriment, laughter, blissful, financial security, great health, relationships and so on. Our respective profession also provides us immense sense of happiness. Pavarotti was happy when he was in operatic singing. His famous last words ‘I believe that a life lived for music is an existence spent wonderfully, and this is what I’ve dedicated my life… Read More

Speech demands 100 orofacial, laryngeal, pharyngeal, and respiratory muscles. Air from the lungs (expiration) needs to be phonated through vocal folds of the larynx and resonated in the vocal cavities shaped by the jaw, soft palate, lips, tongue and other articulators. Pavarotti had a huge jaw hence could attain remarkable cavity space and voice resonance. The generated voice, with the help of facial articulators (mobile & immobile structures of the face) adjust the… Read More

Wakefulness, processing work at night in the head whilst sleeping, remaining anxious, high brain activity during sleep, REM induced erratic and episodic dreams and its involuntary occurrence all are aspects experienced by most, at least the working lot amongst us. Going to sleep bears equivalence to unconsciously carrying the office to bed and the sound of the alarm in the morning wrenches one away from the prescribed 6 hours of relaxed sleep… Read More

Why do human beings need to be jarred out of their daily engrossment? Why do television and other media need to become persuasive to get our attention? Why do different people like different news be it financial, technology, business, sports, movies, politics, medical, art yet when it comes to hilarity there is unison and everyone wants to laugh out loud. Michael McIntyre is the present funny man in the UK. He jumps,… Read More

Why do people seek selling as a profession? For that matter why do people select ‘a’ specific profession? Do people select their formative job with a well informed and well thought out strategy or do they get conveniently lassoed into the job due to placements they secure, existing vacancies, good starting salary, company culture, because they have invested in a certain type of education, yielding to the ongoing trend (Finance, IT, Engineering,… Read More

The year is over, quotas/targets are met, sales team is euphoric and management is content. The next year begins and fresh forecasts are presented and in a ritualistic convention called annual sales meeting these forecast numbers are vehemently challenged by all the product teams, sales managers, VP’s in the firm who in the name of a consolidation exercise, encourage the sales person to view the firm’s ambition charts, aggressive stance and vision. The… Read More


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