Does experience happen only when the brain gets sensory stimuli (sight, sound, taste, smell, touch) or for experience to happen does it have to undergo some other complex process? A newborn infant is alarmed by certain sounds but with passage of time understands that there is no danger associated with it. Hundreds of such stimuli bombard our senses daily but as we grow up we now have a repertoire of past experiences… Read More

A stress less life is yet to be constituted. All of us have experienced it thus far and regardless of how effectively we manage stress, we continue to experience it in some form. Amongst predominant reasons for causal aspects relating to stress these days, occupational stress i.e. burnout, work & finance related stress and relationship stress tops the charts. The structure of life is such that one has to get up and… Read More

Human beings are endowed with the capacity to construct language and also be the beneficiary of its immensity in terms of construing meaning out of it as well as establishing an acceptable code of communication in which the society can cohere. In addition to the capacity to laugh, the ability to use language discerns us from animals and other species. Through language we can express our needs, emotions, deeper feelings, imaginations, ideas,… Read More

June 25th 2009, Michael Jackson suffered cardiac arrest due to acute Propofol and Benzodiazepine intoxication at his home in LA. When his physician Dr. Conrad Murray found him, he wasn’t breathing and had a feeble pulse. He was later pronounced dead at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Centre. Coroner’s report stated that he died from a combination of drugs, the anesthetic Propofol and the anxiolytic (inhibits anxiety) Lorazepam. Traces of other less significant… Read More

Immense gratitude we lavish upon those who can make us laugh, be it from a face-to-face or group interaction, a movie, sitcom, stories, book, YouTube clippings, own thoughts, or any other source. Amongst emotions/ feelings such as happiness, delight, contentment, ecstatic, jubilant and so on, that communicate an inner state of a person, laughter is the external indefensible manifestation of a body that is tickled pink due to the impinging humour. Individual… Read More

An inquiring mind is a pre-requisite for learning. Curiosity, inquisitiveness and investigation, are attributes needed to make deeper forays into any subject matter be it academic, professional, sports or any other social field. Snooping and prying are also applications of curiosity but it takes extra energy to keep oneself clandestine in the process besides it is a disreputable practice unless one is in the spying business or a detective. Organizations do have… Read More

Clients come for therapy as something in their present circumstance has become unbearable for them. Trauma and grief induced by bereavement, loneliness, terminal illness, past constraints, suicidal tendencies, sexual abuse, psychotic manifestations and so forth are a few amongst the concerns they bring. Client’s perception of the insurmountability of their feelings hinders their state preservation hence they seek help. Jean-Paul Sartre states that ‘The situation alone does not cause the revolution; it… Read More

Crying is an innate characteristic in human beings. It is an involuntary mechanism but we are conditioned to suppress it as we grow up. Actors do seem to voluntarily generate tears but in life, under conditions of intense distress, one cannot regulate its flow but with societal dissuasion against crying, we have learnt to suppress this innate attitude. Children cry a lot and at that age it is an acceptable social behaviour…. Read More

Exultation, humour, celebration, enthusiasm, assertion, arguments, debates, fights, annoyance, bragging, any of these aspects, men can express with startling immediacy but when it comes to sharing emotions and feelings, they experience a change in composition.    To a woman, sharing her feelings isn’t burdensome in fact she must vent it out to attain equilibrium from the causal stress else it will manifest in her social behaviour. Women, even if they meet strangers, are… Read More

The setting sun is beautiful when viewed from any part of the world and particularly at the beach, it is resplendent. It has the key ingredients to promote romance, alleviate stress, shelve anxiety, layover distress  and associated thoughts. Not eliminate them totally, but a temporary reprieve. Ever wonder why the sky is blue and sunset is a brilliant mix of red, orange and streaks of yellow? We are fortunate enough to experience the… Read More

What is it that distresses human beings and at what level of anxiety and distress is it considered unsafe for one’s wellbeing. Most of us at some point or the other have experienced varying stages of anguish, pain, torment, distress, depression and related emotions and when this gets to acute or chronic stages it becomes neurosis which is a functional disorder in which feelings of anxiety, obsessional thoughts and compulsive acts dominate… Read More

Corporate anxiety, deadlines, target pressures, multiplicity of tasks, sales quotas, incessant travel, long hours of work, RFP & project milestones and similar push oriented indulgences put inordinate demand over one’s time. There are various pressures, many of which are self-induced but at what stage of buckle is it construed as a burnout. We experience the above daily and keep rationalizing to ourselves that it is part of the career choice made by us… Read More


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