This Terms of Use Agreement (the “Agreement”) is a contract between you and Headstride Ltd (hereinafter referred as the “Company”). The usage of ‘we’, ‘us’ or ‘our‘ in this Agreement also connotes Headstride Ltd. Company operates the blog site with the URL http://headstride.co.uk (referred as the Site).  This Agreement cites the terms that govern the usage of this Site. Your continuance of Site usage will be deemed as an unconditional consent and formal agreement that you will abide by all copyright stipulations and other prescribed restrictions. You are requested to diligently read through these terms of usage.  Company or Site owners/proprietors/Site managers reserves the right to modify the terms anytime by updating the home page of the site and your usage thereafter would be construed as your acquiescence and agreement of the incorporated changes regardless of whether you have reviewed them or been intimated of such changes. Any queries may be addressed to nandu.menon@headstride.com


  • CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT: This blog site along with its contents and posts is the exclusive property of Headstride. Central to this blog site are the categories   a. Leadership, b. Selling and c.Apperception (mind related)  based on which the posts are created. You may offer your perspectives on various topics, challenge our posts with your stance and even build upon the topic in a generic way. You may, with varying specificity to that of ours, also create new blogs on the same topic but you are not authorized to develop content with the same specificity,  style, language sequence, format, framework and structure with which we have presented it.  You must understand that the Company is merely interested in protecting its intellectual property and not dissuade you from your original creativity.
  • REPOSTING : We have received many requests from people wanting to repost our blog posts. Google dissuades an entire repost and punishes websites for publishing duplicate content. It is difficult for us to ascertain which websites or blog sites host original content  therefore we do not permit entire reposts however are open to allow part of our post ( with due reference to our source) that can be reposted but only with our written consent (through email).
  • TRANSLATION: You are not permitted to translate our blog site contents or blog posts into any other language and use it for commercial or non commercial reasons. Ideally even if you intimate us of such a requirement, we do not consent for it as we are unable to check the veracity of the translation as it could unintentionally distort the original meaning.
  • REFERENCING RIGHTS: We have also received  requests from people for our consent to grant them referencing rights of our blog posts, perhaps usage of a few lines or paragraphs in order for people to construct new content or blog posts. Only with our written consent (email concurrence) and appropriate references made to our source content, are you allowed to do so. The written consent is to ascertain the authenticity of your blog site so that we do not lend our consent to spam sites or sites that we don’t trust.
  • PUBLISHING: You are permitted to publish our blogs  in non commercial arena for instance  school magazines, hospital information, health digests, company newsletter, community groups etc. (both in print form as well as digital copy) under the written agreement that the following copyright script is attached to our content: © 2014, Headstride Ltd. All rights reserved. Originally published at http://headstide.co.uk
  • BACK LINKS: With written consent (email concurrence) from Headstride, you may provide backlinks to our blog site headstride.co.uk. We consent for this only for well authenticated sites and not for any apocryphal ones.



  • Material provided on our blog site is only for your personal information purposes.
  • All trademarks, trade names on this site are protected under the laws of UK and are the property of the owners (Headstride Ltd).
  • All blog  concepts, tabular frameworks, diagrammatic representations, tools and coaching frameworks are the exclusive property of Headstride. As you rummage through our website the information is made available for your understanding but any attempt to use these material without prior written consent and authorization of Headstride Ltd is strictly prohibited. We view and pursue this aspect of the contract very determinedly from a blog site legislation and regulation perspective.
  • Copying, redistribution, modification, duplication, deletion, display, transmission, adaptation or reproduction of any kind of our blog-content, images, text, tables, charts, graphics, web-layout design, HTML, podcasts, audio/videos clips,  basically any material from our blog  site for any purposes such as renting, reselling, commercial/ non-commercial exploitation will be construed as transgression of copyright laws and will provoke legal action.
  • Headstride prohibits any practice wherein you take content, captions, language structure, rendering style  from our blog site  and merge it with any product or service to create a new product/service or derivative product/service or website or blog that is then being used or displayed or distributed either for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

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  • Without our written consent :
    1. You may not use our blog content/ posts to create any website, publication, blog/blog-site, articles, newsletters, whitepapers, essay’s, dissertation, book, e-book, video, audio, podcast, interviews, radio/ television shows, webinar, film, documentary etc.
    2. You may not, for commercial purposes use our site or grant access to anyone else to use our site. You can recommend our site for viewing to anyone without our written consent.
    3. You may not provide any hyperlinks to any of our blogs, posts,  text, diagrams,  images, tables and  associated content without explicit written consent.
  • At our discretion, we reserve the right to rescind any written permission granted to you without stating any explicit reasons.
  • The content generated by this blog site is  produced after extensive research. We are confident about its value. These are produced from our internal think tank, our assimilation of information, statistics, news bits, and our stance about the world around us. It is possible that as a remark or comment to our blog posts,  you may participate with us online, produce some original thoughts and submit it to us to invoke a healthy debate on relevant subject. We value these submissions and acknowledge the spirit of your intent but it is also possible that concurrently such thoughts are also generated by our team and based on such themes we may publish subsequent blogs or other material. As a philosophical incline, we hate plagiarism and strictly maintain hygiene   but clinically such information transmission online is outside our monitoring remit hence we urge you not to submit any original creative, personal or valuable information that you may have. The Company will not be held liable for use or disclosure of any such submissions.


  • Headstride Ltd ( the owners of this blog site), under no circumstance, will either be liable to you or to any third party for any claims whatsoever, including, without limitation, special, incidental, direct, indirect, punitive or consequential damages (including any lost revenues, profits, opportunities, commercial positioning advantages) arising out of or in connection with the use or performance of this site.
  • The mind, life, and business oriented thoughts and variant techniques expressed through our blog site is a  dynamic framework subject to modifications, improvements, augmentation, revision and alterations depending on the changes happening in the respective arena. We diligently strive for accuracy and responsible for the authenticity of our brand but the company will neither be liable for any damages suffered as a result of omissions/inexactness in such information nor would the company be liable for any damage or injury to persons or property from any use of our services, ideas, inferences, interpretations and perception housed within our blog site.
  • As a business expansion strategy, the company may link up with products and services of other companies with which there is philosophical consonance and these products/services may appear on our website in the form of advertisements, endorsed content, links, testimonials, references etc. or such websites may back link their content/ services to our blog site. Headstride will not be held liable, directly or indirectly or for any loss or damage that is caused with such a mode of content/ product/services usage by you.


  • RESPONSIBILITY: Headstride blogs are designed to substantively enrich interpretation, perception and world view of individuals, groups, organizations and institutions. We neither intend any disservice nor any boundary violations. We also stand by the universality of our conceptions and its applicability however all the material that we provide as well as programs and services we render is without warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied. The company’s sensibilities are fine tuned to the mental, emotional and physical well-being of our clients by virtue of the training and coaching services we provide however the Company disclaims any and all responsibility or liability for our client’s health.

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  • DIGITAL ENCROACHMENTS: The blog site that we render are well intentioned and free from viruses. The domain registrations, blog site hosting rights etc. are purchased from most authentic, trusted and credible sources however we don’t have control over its performance over the world wide web.


  • Extraneous interferences such as hacking, malicious download malwares, viruses, phishing scams and other cyber irregularities prevail in the arena. Headstride is careful and vigilant over such eventualities and guard our blog sites against it however the Company is not responsible for any defects to your servers, laptops, data loss or any other equipment dysfunction, virus attacks or consequent downtime, damage or financial loss experienced by you due to your usage of our Site.
  • The Company in stating the above disclaimer is not embracing an avoidant stance towards our clientele and the idea is legal protection as a firm. Headstride will continue to be highly responsive, co-operative and engender strict observance towards any dissociative state that our client’s experience and which are brought to our explicit notice.



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