Remote working or working from home is not new but it triggered the wrath of people when Marissa Mayer CEO Yahoo sent an internal memo stating that “Yahoo employees who work remotely relocate to company facilities starting June 2013” with the diktat “Employees who work from home must comply without exception or quit.” The incensed Yahoo employees as well as the cult followers of ‘working from home’ religion, without any linger, took… Read More

The brain circuitry is hardwired for motivation when impinged with the stimuli of reward. The reward need not be materialistic or monetary, it could be temporary behavioural adjustments such as moments of pleasure, emotional deluge, startling boldness, perception of calmness & relaxation, intensified sensations, a heightened buzz, a surge of confidence, loss of inhibition and so forth.Over time there is a hankering and compulsion to seek these stimuli that invokes a repetition… Read More

Inventions, innovations and improvisations are very important for mankind be it any field. Why, because if we didn’t we would still be living a primitive life and have to hunt for our food as against it being made logistically convenient for us today. We would also succumb to the first acquired disease or health condition be it common cold or kidney stone and also make do with rudimentary entertainment as against the… Read More

ANATOMY OF STRESS: Bereavement, divorce, accident, estranged relationships, job redundancies, work deadlines, child’s future, abuse, murder, robbery, insults, financial worries; basically all of us are in someway predisposed to some such inescapable triggers. Based on past knowledge, experience, conditioning and mechanisms of coping, the brain interprets these situations in life and ascribe it as potentially dangerous or otherwise. Incase it construes it as danger, the Amygdala (part of the limbic system) who… Read More

It is emphatically proven that exercise improves brain performance due to increased blood flow, alter moods positively by increasing the serotonin levels, improves sleep, improves heart rate and efficiency, causes changes in gene expression, better lung expansion for more oxygen intake, helps sustain bone mass and keeps diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol in check amongst innumerable other benefits. Diet and exercise (energy expenditure) are the two ostensible means amongst others to attain… Read More

Are we born to win or is winning a meaning construct. We know about animal species and how combative they are in terms of retention of their territory, food and mating behaviour. Animals jostle for these and grid lock themselves into a fight and just prior to defeat the losing animal displays submissive behaviour and exposes its belly or throat declaring to the aggressor that it has lost the battle. The victorious aggressor… Read More

Which products in our life have already gone through or at present going through dissolution of meaning for us from its intended functional utility? The iPhone, iPad and Android devices itself begat a broad sweep of product & services redundancies and here are a few of its languishing victims: Bookstores,personal diaries, declining paid newspaper industry, external hard drives (Mediafire, Dropbox, Google drive, cloud computing should suffice for storage), book maps and atlases,… Read More

Why do people seek selling as a profession? For that matter why do people select ‘a’ specific profession? Do people select their formative job with a well informed and well thought out strategy or do they get conveniently lassoed into the job due to placements they secure, existing vacancies, good starting salary, company culture, because they have invested in a certain type of education, yielding to the ongoing trend (Finance, IT, Engineering,… Read More

Blame is an allegation that someone or something outside of oneself is responsible. Singling out any individual or a group for a flaw or transgression is called scapegoating and happens at all levels. J.F Kennedy’s assassination investigation went on for 10 months and finally Warren commission concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald was the assassin. Conspiracy or individual scapegoating, till date it is inconclusive. The upper echelons be it leadership group (BP oil spillage… Read More

Local train travel to outsiders is dreadful but not to people in Mumbai. Some look at it with agony, some as a challenge and two-thirds of them take out their day’s repression while boarding it. It’s easy in Mumbai to differentiate a train traveller from others. The train traveller would have rippling arm muscles and wings due to a majestic arm-and-body block rendered to fellow travellers who force an entry. He would… Read More