The setting sun is beautiful when viewed from any part of the world and particularly at the beach, it is resplendent. It has the key ingredients to promote romance, alleviate stress, shelve anxiety, layover distress  and associated thoughts. Not eliminate them totally, but a temporary reprieve. Ever wonder why the sky is blue and sunset is a brilliant mix of red, orange and streaks of yellow? We are fortunate enough to experience the… Read More

Jim Carey, the Hollywood actor had reading hurdles and was dyslexic. At school his teachers considered him as disruptive. From early days his sense of humour was wacky and unique and to keep him hooked on to day time learning, one of the teacher’s struck a deal with him. He would be given 15 minutes of comedy schedule at the end of the school day. The other kids in the school just… Read More

Buoyancy existed but was discovered in 212 B.C. by Archimedes and stated as ‘Any object, wholly or partially immersed in a fluid, is buoyed up by a force equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the object.’ A ship floats in water due to the buoyancy principle and indeed is a remarkable discovery.   English language further embraced the word buoyant and formally appended  the synonyms resilient, invigorating, cheerful, light hearted… Read More

Whatever is the composition of the desire for a vacation, be it a frantic recess from work, temporary divestment from domestic chores, recreational respite, historical trip, insistence upon familiar places/resorts or a simple shut off from one’s daily environment, a vacation seem to distract one’s mind from the stresses of existence. The thought of a holiday brings cheer and effervescence. We desire that our holidays are diverse and unique in experience and… Read More

Drinking is an understandable phenomenon, after all responsible social drinking to relax or to tranquillize one self from daily anxieties or a little bit of merriment etc. may be an acceptable etiquette but ‘drink driving’ inspires scorn and ‘drink driving’ induced accidents, absolutely reprehensible if the driver is alive to experience this comment. 6680 ‘drink drive’ accidents happened in Britain in 2012 resulting in 230 deaths and 1210 serious injuries. Well, can… Read More

Maracanazo and Mineirazo are the terms Brazilians will never forget. On 8th July 2014, at Estadio Mineirao in Belo Horizonte, Brazil experienced Mineirazo, a national shame after losing to Germany 7-1 in the Semifinals of World Cup 2014.   Carnage that bore equivalence to Maracanazo in 1950 World Cup when Brazil lost the round robin league to Uruguay 2-1 at the Estadio do Maracana in Rio in a decisive match. Brazil just needed… Read More

Are human beings created for a reason? Does each one of us have a designated role and a pre-ordained higher purpose, cause or mission to attain? Do values and beliefs constitute a sort of human guidelines and manual to live life? Does life have a meaning?To infer that there is a definitive answer for each of these questions would be vast oversimplification. Meaning or significance in life is an unceasing philosophical inquest.Multiple… Read More

What is it that distresses human beings and at what level of anxiety and distress is it considered unsafe for one’s wellbeing. Most of us at some point or the other have experienced varying stages of anguish, pain, torment, distress, depression and related emotions and when this gets to acute or chronic stages it becomes neurosis which is a functional disorder in which feelings of anxiety, obsessional thoughts and compulsive acts dominate… Read More

Corporate anxiety, deadlines, target pressures, multiplicity of tasks, sales quotas, incessant travel, long hours of work, RFP & project milestones and similar push oriented indulgences put inordinate demand over one’s time. There are various pressures, many of which are self-induced but at what stage of buckle is it construed as a burnout. We experience the above daily and keep rationalizing to ourselves that it is part of the career choice made by us… Read More

The habitat of fish is water and it is woven into the very fabric of its being yet fish doesn’t know about the existence of water just like mankind didn’t know about the presence of air once upon a time. Water has been the only medium it survives in and the fish has had no opportunity to compare its agreeability with any other medium. Not that if such an opportunity to compare arose,… Read More