Immense gratitude we lavish upon those who can make us laugh, be it from a face-to-face or group interaction, a movie, sitcom, stories, book, YouTube clippings, own thoughts, or any other source. Amongst emotions/ feelings such as happiness, delight, contentment, ecstatic, jubilant and so on, that communicate an inner state of a person, laughter is the external indefensible manifestation of a body that is tickled pink due to the impinging humour. Individual… Read More

An inquiring mind is a pre-requisite for learning. Curiosity, inquisitiveness and investigation, are attributes needed to make deeper forays into any subject matter be it academic, professional, sports or any other social field. Snooping and prying are also applications of curiosity but it takes extra energy to keep oneself clandestine in the process besides it is a disreputable practice unless one is in the spying business or a detective. Organizations do have… Read More

Clients come for therapy as something in their present circumstance has become unbearable for them. Trauma and grief induced by bereavement, loneliness, terminal illness, past constraints, suicidal tendencies, sexual abuse, psychotic manifestations and so forth are a few amongst the concerns they bring. Client’s perception of the insurmountability of their feelings hinders their state preservation hence they seek help. Jean-Paul Sartre states that ‘The situation alone does not cause the revolution; it… Read More

Crying is an innate characteristic in human beings. It is an involuntary mechanism but we are conditioned to suppress it as we grow up. Actors do seem to voluntarily generate tears but in life, under conditions of intense distress, one cannot regulate its flow but with societal dissuasion against crying, we have learnt to suppress this innate attitude. Children cry a lot and at that age it is an acceptable social behaviour…. Read More

From virtually permanent jobs a few decades back to the culture of frequent job hops these days encases the change in the playing arena. Predominant driver for this job transition is disruptive innovation. No product or service enjoy hegemony beyond a few years (petering out to perhaps months) as someone always comes along and disrupts the cash cow of the firm. It may not have happened in all industry segments yet and… Read More

Exultation, humour, celebration, enthusiasm, assertion, arguments, debates, fights, annoyance, bragging, any of these aspects, men can express with startling immediacy but when it comes to sharing emotions and feelings, they experience a change in composition.    To a woman, sharing her feelings isn’t burdensome in fact she must vent it out to attain equilibrium from the causal stress else it will manifest in her social behaviour. Women, even if they meet strangers, are… Read More

Amidst myriad essentials, Vision constitute a vital aspect in organizational accomplishment. It is a conduit to explicitly communicate the organizations ambitions. Of course leaders do recognize its monumental importance and its formation is never dealt in a cavalier fashion. Apart from forming and communicating the vision to the organization, the leader hangs on to its implementation with tenacity. Of considerable import is the need for the CEO to have an inner syndicate… Read More

Innovation, just a decade back had its accustomed incremental pace but something decidedly adrenalized its momentum to such an extent that leaps in the last decade has been astonishing. iPhone, iPad, Google glass, YouTube, camera phones, Google self driving car, commercial GPS, DNA testing & sequencing and many others exist and even though they aren’t inventions, they are brilliant innovations or improvisations over cars, phones, cameras, glass, navigation systems, erstwhile medical themes… Read More

Sales people are elated when they receive the RFP (request for proposal) from the prospect’s firm; after all it has been secured after rotating on the head of the pin for 3 to 4 months. Large deals in the market place are not put up without concomitant due diligence by the buyer hence even to get qualified and receive an RFP is perceived as a milestone. The prevailing rationale is; at least… Read More

An inquest to define happiness elicits the following words from different people; well-being, satisfaction, cheerfulness, high spirits, merriment, laughter, blissful, financial security, great health, relationships and so on. Our respective profession also provides us immense sense of happiness. Pavarotti was happy when he was in operatic singing. His famous last words ‘I believe that a life lived for music is an existence spent wonderfully, and this is what I’ve dedicated my life… Read More