Speech demands 100 orofacial, laryngeal, pharyngeal, and respiratory muscles. Air from the lungs (expiration) needs to be phonated through vocal folds of the larynx and resonated in the vocal cavities shaped by the jaw, soft palate, lips, tongue and other articulators. Pavarotti had a huge jaw hence could attain remarkable cavity space and voice resonance. The generated voice, with the help of facial articulators (mobile & immobile structures of the face) adjust the… Read More

Ever played a game of chess. Chess monomaniacs can be at it for 3 hours at a stretch, such is the level of its intrigue. It has been estimated that there are over 16 billion different possible endings in a 30 move game. It’s structure, positioning strategy, allocation of logic in coin movement, opening repertoire, reliance upon castling for king’s safety, mid-game progression, end game close-in’s all transcend computational theories.Chess has offered… Read More

Every part of the human body is well researched and invariably each year significant new revelations appear and this pattern will continue in the medical field because the human race seek challenges, they are endowed with inquisitiveness, genuinely interested in progressive therapies, diagnostics and medicine.Whatever we know is relatively pale in comparison to what we can further unravel and with technology, viral networks, Internet contiguity and super specialised pursuit in any field… Read More

Why most people don’t take risks or are just happy with incremental risks in their life? What does it take for them to sever the umbilical cord of feed coming to them in terms of money, salary, societal comfort, same friends, same habits, same tasks, same challenges with marginal variance and instead why don’t they intentionally explore uncertainty with the hope that better financial models, more exciting career, new meaningful friends, enriched… Read More

When sensory information is organized, identified and interpreted in order to comprehend the surroundings it is construed as Perception. Perception encompasses signals in the nervous system, which is a result of physical stimulation of the sense organs (for e.g. light striking the retina of the eyes to eventuate vision, odour molecules precipitating smell, pressure waves augmenting hearing, taste buds and sense of touch). Our brain receiving these signals from our sensory organs and… Read More

People who spend most parenting time with the children are by definition their primary carers and it is assumed that for most it is their parents. Even between the parents it is fair to say that the mother plays a more significant role as the primary carer and bestows considerable attention to the infant. Others in the caring constellation could be the father, grandparents or even a relative. What is the impact… Read More

Catastrophising is an inordinate and undesirable fear felt in the present moment about how an event, incident, encounter, engagement or experience will negatively pan out in the future. It is a firm belief aided by irrationality that life will turn out to be far worse than what it is today. It evolved from the word catastrophe which is an extremely large-scale disaster and the verb catastrophising is a phenomenon that occurs in… Read More

Wakefulness, processing work at night in the head whilst sleeping, remaining anxious, high brain activity during sleep, REM induced erratic and episodic dreams and its involuntary occurrence all are aspects experienced by most, at least the working lot amongst us. Going to sleep bears equivalence to unconsciously carrying the office to bed and the sound of the alarm in the morning wrenches one away from the prescribed 6 hours of relaxed sleep… Read More

Why do human beings need to be jarred out of their daily engrossment? Why do television and other media need to become persuasive to get our attention? Why do different people like different news be it financial, technology, business, sports, movies, politics, medical, art yet when it comes to hilarity there is unison and everyone wants to laugh out loud. Michael McIntyre is the present funny man in the UK. He jumps,… Read More

Why is digital pull a leadership concern? Let us hark back to the formative aspect of learning; Teachers, professors, guides, and supervisors do play a significant role but are no more the sole imparters of knowledge. The world-wide web in all its resplendent forms be it online games, poems, songs, you tube clippings on to resources for senior students such as eBooks, PDF’s, white papers, virtual classrooms, videoconferencing, social networking sites, seminars,… Read More